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Produce First™ helps operators ensure the produce they receive meets their quality expectations and at the cost expected. We validate invoice data to ensure compliance with your contract prices and distribution agreements, and that your units are getting the products they should.

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  • Gain visibility across all your growers/shippers, distribution points, concepts and        units.

  • Leverage FSIC’s experience in the industry and with other clients to have confidence that contracts and prices are competitive relative to the market.

  • Ensure compliance to contracts and that units are getting the right products at the right prices.

  • Rely on produce experts to stay abreast of the markets.

  • Maintain existing relationships where they are working or find new partners where necessary.



  • Once invoice data is loaded into IntelliSpend™, our Professional Services team analyzes data to look for opportunities to consolidate product specs, get contracted pricing where you don’t have it and ensure that where you do have contracts, they’re being executed properly and that units are receiving the right product at the right price from the right distributor.


  • If you have existing contracts, we bring rigor to your produce management by bringing together data and proactively managing your spend while sourcing the right items for your business.


  • We encourage clients to utilize the relationships between their distributor and their preferred grower/shipper partners in order to maximize inbound freight rates and purchasing power, and we can help negotiate a distributor contract if desired.


  • If you need assistance in developing contracts, we can recommend the top growers and distributors in the market and help you negotiate contracts.


  • We encourage distributors to work directly with our mutual client on day-to-day issues and your distributors will continue to be responsible for ordering, shipping and invoicing. Our technology reduces the distributor’s workload.


  • If you currently use an Access GPO, we provide greater transparency into the program than Access GPO clients typically see.


  • If you need further assistance in reviewing the operations of a produce warehouse, we have the expertise to evaluate business protocol on traceability, sanitation with 3rd party inspectors, warehouse conditions, cold chain and recalls in companies that may not be up to current requirements.

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