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My.IntelliSpend™ is designed to give you a single, comprehensive view across your supply chain, at less than the cost of a minimum wage employee.

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Welcome to MyIntelliSpend™, the new supply chain Technology and Transparency platform from FSIC!

With My.IntelliSpend, FSIC collects invoice data from your distributors, loads it into our software and standardizes it so you have a single view across all the complexities of your network. We keep the invoice transaction data current so you can address your many other priorities, and you can run reports at your convenience to get insight across this consolidated view of purchases.

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Getting Started With Distributor Data Feeds - We start by gathering a list of restaurant locations and the distributors you want us to monitor. We then contact your distributors to set up electronic feeds of your invoice data, load the data and standardize it so you have a single view across your supply chain even when you purchase from multiple distributors. The initial data implementation is typically a 15-day process to get data from your distributors and load and standardize it,so you are up and running quickly.


Standard Reports - Standard reports provide the ability to analyze your business by restaurant unit, distributors and distribution points, the manufacturers you purchase from, and by product and product category.


Ad Hoc Reports - You can run reports using any or all of the following filters: Unit, Distributor, Manufacturer, Product and Category. Reports can be run from a broad report looking at all data, to looking at a specific distributor or manufacturer, to drilling down and looking at a specific manufacturer product from a specific distributor location, purchased by a specific unit.


How This Helps You - Once you receive your reports, you have the transparency you need to identify savings opportunities, negotiate new pricing and manage your supply chain. However, if you want assistance with these tasks, you can always call FSIC for support. It's easy and totally up to you.

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